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PinkPantheress Drops New Song “Do You Miss Me?”

PinkPantheress just released her newest single last week: “Do You Miss Me?”

PinkPantheress’ “Do You Miss Me?”

Do You Miss Me?” is rising artist PinkPantheress’ newest song. “Do You Miss Me?” was produced by Kaytranada and Dill Aitchison. It tells the story of a clingy, almost scandalous, relationship.

Check out the official lyric video for “Do You Miss Me?” below!

Clingy And In Love

In the first verse, PinkPantheress sings about being clingy and in love. “I can’t let go of your hand / I can’t even breathe without you I don’t think you understand / I love to watch you as you speak / when you say the words I love you, tell me when you fall asleep,”

In the second verse, however, the R&B artist feels a little more obsessive and possessive concerning her relationship. “We don’t even get in fights / Went downstairs to make a coffee in the morning how you like / But all I wanted was to scream / when I saw one of her messages that popped up on your screen,” she sings.

Finally, in the bridge of the song, PinkPantheress reveals that she’s the other woman in this relationship. “Do you miss me, miss me / Does she miss you too? / I can be discreet if you don’t want her seeing you / with me on your arm because I know you can’t tell her yet / Practice my “I do”’s when I’m home because I know I still want you,” PinkPantheress sings.

pinkpantheress do you miss me?

Worth The Wait

Fans have been awaiting the song for a long time. It was teased in a Rolling Stone Musicians On Musicians interview with Kaytranada back in October of this year. Now that it’s out, new-time listeners and long-time lovers of PinkPantheress alike are swooning. The narrative lyrics and the laidback instrumentals give the song a relaxed, relatable vibe.

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