Pentatonix Make us Feel “The Lucky Ones” in New Album

Pentatonix just released their second original album last Friday, The Lucky Ones. It features 11 brand-new original songs, and it marks the group’s first full-length original album in six years. It veers more to mainstream, radio-friendly pop than their self-titled debut album, and it also has a more mature sound.

Pentatonix’s First Full-Lenght Album in Six Years

It’s almost been a decade since Pentatonix first got together in The Sing-Off stage. Since then, they’ve become popular because of their original sound and how well their voices sound together. They only released one full-length album of original songs, until now. “We see that first original record as something of the time. Now, this record is of our present. You can tell we’ve matured so much, emotionally, and we’ve really got our values in order on this record,” offers Grassi over a recent Zoom call. “It’s a very human record. We place a lot of value in relationships and love, not even just romantic, and compassion and self-awareness,” the group shared.

The Lucky Ones Touches on Mental Health

This is an album that mixes the world of pop and mental health. The group broke down the first song of The Lucky Ones, ‘Happy Now.’ Kirstin said “Happiness is freedom, it’s not a controlled substance. It knows no bounds, pops up in the most random places like a flower peeking out of concrete. It comes in jolts, fades in seasons. It’s the comfort of a snuggly blanket, getting a text or call from your loved ones when you needed it the most. It’s acceptance for who you are and the freedom to live it!”

Matt also shared his meaning of happiness. “Happiness to me is knowing that I’m choosing to wake up every day and be the best light I can be to the world. People tell me all the time that they don’t understand how I’m always smiling. How I can be so consistently happy. My answer is that I get joy every morning, waking to the thought of bringing light and joy and life to someone who needs it. I feel like that’s part of my purpose and nothing brings me greater joy!”

Lastly, Scott touched on the upbeat side of the song. “This song represents hope, new beginnings, togetherness, excitement, relief. I think everyone who hears it will be able to connect with it in one way or another and… it’s a great excuse to DANCE!”

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