Alex Porat Turns the Tables in ‘girlfriend’

Only four months after the release of her latest EP, Bad at Breakups, Alex Porat has returned with a brand new single, ‘girlfriend.’ The song touches on a situation that happens often to girls – dating a boy who doesn’t want to be called “boyfriend” in front of their friends. Only now, Alex turns the tables around as she gives the boy a taste of what this feels like.

Alex Porat on ‘girlfriend’

Alex shared via Adolescent, “‘girlfriend’ is the take from a girl’s perspective of a guy who isn’t able to fully commit, and is scared of doing “boyfriend things.” It’s been a common thing that I’ve heard from friends’ experiences and from my experiences that guys love being cuddly and doing all the boyfriend things, but then there’s a double standard… When the girl does it, it’s unacceptable. I had an experience where I was on that other side for a brief moment. I feel that double standard.”

She continued, “‘girlfriend’ is very inspired by moments. It’s not necessarily about one person. It was a very fun day in the studio. We were just brainstorming and thinking “what works with this?”, and pulling small fragments from friends’ stories.”

A Fun Lyric Video

She released the official lyric video where the lyrics are typed in the old version of Microsoft Word, WordPad. On the screen, we can also see a photo of the supposed boy she is trying to get rid of in the Paint app, alongside another open window from the same app holding photos of her.

In ‘girlfriend,’ Alex sings “Told your friends that you’re wifed up / Heard you talking ’bout me and it’s too much / One night, flip the switch, now you’re in love / Mixed signs got you mixed up.” This part of the song beautifully explains a situation that plenty of teenage girls go through, as they might catch feelings fast for a boy they just met. Only now, Alex is the one doing the heartbreaking, giving boys a taste of their own medicine.

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