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Peach Pit Releases New Single and Video for “Vickie”

New Release

After months of waiting, Peach Pit fanatics have been graced with the band’s newest release, “Vickie.”

This marks the third single from the band from their upcoming album “From 2 to 3” which is set to release on March 4th. The other songs on it include “Up Granville” and “Look Out!” which have both gained a lot of popularity in recent months.

Going Acoustic

As of today, every release for this new album has featured a heavy use of acoustic guitars in the background. This is very noticeable in their music video for “Vickie,” which makes their acoustic guitar the main stage.

Peach Pit cemented their sound as wavy and reverb filled electric. For that reason, this makes the change of sound seem like an odd choice. However, the band bringing the acoustic to the forefront is no accident. Neil Smith, the bands lead vocalist, lets us into the process of this album.

“From 2 to 3 is a collection of songs that were written late at night, alone in a small apartment with a hushed voice so as not to wake anyone.”

This made the acoustic guitar the best choice for the band. It was easy to move and much quieter than its electric counterpart.

For A Friend

In an Instagram live stream from 2020, Smith talks about the meaning of the song. Vickie, the best friend of Neil, said that all she wanted for her birthday was a song about her. Naturally, Smith agreed and was off to the writing room.

“I’d actually already started writing something that began with the line “If you lived right down the street” and decided to make a song about what life would be like if Vickie and I were neighbors. Now, years later the song is on our new record and you get to see the journey from my place to Vickie’s in the music video.”


Peach Pit announced in a recent press release that they will be going on a world tour. The band also unveiled the track list for their upcoming album “From 2 to 3”, which features 11 songs and is available for pre-order.

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