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Paula Jivén Shares “Breaking Up With A Friend” Music Video

Rising Swedish pop singer-songwriter Paula Jivén shared the psychedelic music video for her latest single “Breaking Up With A Friend.”

Paula Takes Us on a Journey Throughout Her Life in the “Breaking Up With A Friend” Music Video

“Breaking Up With A Friend” takes part in Paula’s debut EP The Duality In Me, out this May via Universal Music Sweden. The single talks about growing up and, at the same time, growing apart from friendships. It’s an ode to self-love and self-respect, and learning to prioritize yourself before others in certain situations. 

The music video takes us on a journey starting from Paula’s childhood up to the present. In it, we can see snapshots of animated tv shows from the early to mid-2000s that she grew up watching; like Danny Phantom as well as video games she played. Later on, she goes on her own path taking her where she is now.

“The video is set in the archipelago of my hometown, where I spent all my summers growing up,” Paula shares. “It’s crowded with references to mini-me like the TV cut-outs and is me trying to emphasize the song’s connection to the ending of my childhood. The video is directed by my friend SJD, and the recording actually spans across several months in both Gothenburg and Paris. The goofy editing is meant to visualize the song’s production, and the skeleton in the boat, well that’s the ex-friend!”

Growing Apart From a Friend And Growing Up in Life

Speaking on the track, she expands, “‘Breaking Up With A Friend’ is one of the best writing experiences I’ve ever had, and I think you can hear that. The listen is quite a ride from beginning to end with a, dare I say, remarkable production from my bestie Åke Olofsson, with tempo changes, language switches, and this narrative of a dissolving friendship in the background.” Paula adds, “I think it might’ve taken two or three days to finish, something that rarely happens to me. On the surface, the lyrics mirror the title with a clear plot and tearing emotions. But what I don’t say is how, with that friendship, my childhood also came to an end.”

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