Parcels are “Comingback”

Last week the Parcels dropped their newest single “Comingback,” alongside a music video. This is the second single to drop since their single “Free” released last month.

This track expresses the importance of persevering and finding your way back home. “If anyone is out there looking for hope…you are never alone,” the Parcels said. “Persevere, ‘til you find your way home.” The music video showed the band going back to their roots and performing in Australia’s Outback.

The Parcels began working on the track after finishing their self-titled album back in 2018. They said that they wrote and re-wrote this track many times.

“When the time came to record it at La Frette, there was an arrangement worked out, but no singing melody which he felt could match the furious energy of Toto and Pedro’s rhythms,” they said. “Determined, it was written and rewritten many times, long after we finished everything else on the album, melodies, and singers interchanged constantly.”

In an Instagram post, Pat, from the band, expressed his thoughts on the new single.

“Life is forging ahead and thunderously and sometimes it feels impossible to keep up,” Pat said. “This song…reminds us that yes, we may have to keep running, but when we do it together it can be an experience of euphoria and sometimes, we can laugh our way through the endless marathon.”

What’s Next for the Parcels

Their last release was a live album in 2020. Even though they’ve released these last two singles, there’s been no announcement of a new album. Even so, The Parcels are sure to continue releasing beautifully euphoric and vulnerable tracks that leave us wanting more.

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