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Orville Peck Announces Return to Touring

Back in June, Orville Peck announced his first-ever break from touring for mental health reasons.

Shortly after his initial announcement, he posted an update thanking his fans and further explaining the need for a break:

“I have been touring for 17 years this year (!) and I have never once canceled a show in all that time. So making the decision to take time off was not easy. But I do believe we should be normalizing and have compassion for all of us to take a little step back when work and life become too overwhelming.”

But now the singer announced the following update:

“Hey y’all! I wanted to jump on and thank you all for being so understanding and supportive over the last couple of months. I am doing so much better already and am immensely grateful for the ability to put my mental health first. We will be back on the road soon and we are working hard to rebook every city that we had to postpone (along with many others)! That being said, I am announcing something very exciting in a couple of weeks so be on the lookout. I love you all and am so grateful for you. Happy trails. XO, OP.”

So along with a confirmation that the tour is back on, we now have news of something else on the way. It’s easy to guess new music, but with all the various types of collabs Orville Peck’s done, we can’t really be sure what is up.

All we know for now is the tour is back on. Shows include stops in Columbus, Cleveland, Asbury Park, Indianapolis, Omaha, Kansas City, and more. The tour would have finished off on August 10th at The Bridge at Santa Fe Brewing Company in New Mexico. Now all the dates will change, but locations remain the same. Plus extra shows, for good measure.

As of right now, the only show scheduled on Orville Peck’s website is a cruise concert in April. Once his new dates are confirmed and announced, we will report on the update.

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