December 09, 2022
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Orla Gartland Shares “You’re Not Special, Babe” as the Last Single off Debut Album


Irish singer-songwriter Orla Gartland released her latest single “You’re Not Special, Babe” off her upcoming debut album Woman on the Internet.

Woman on the Internet Will Be Yours in a Month!

Woman on the Internet is set to arrive on August 20 August via her own label New Friends. “You’re Not Special, Babe” marks Orla’s fifth single that has been shared prior to the album release. It follows up “Do You Mind?,” “Zombie!,” “More Like You,” and “Pretending.” 

Although Woman on the Internet will be her first full-length album, she has previously released EP’s and tons of singles. Her debut EP, Lonely People, came out in 2015, followed up by another EP, Why Am I Like This? in 2019. Her latest piece of work, Freckle Season, just arrived last year, and it featured 5 songs.

“You’re Not Special, Babe” Arrives With a Self-Directed Video

“Growing up is weird and my twenties feel like chaos,” Orla shares in a press statement. “‘You’re Not Special, Babe’ is a coming-of-age song written to remind myself that everyone goes through all of it; good times, bad times, strange times, dizzying highs & extreme lows. The title sounds mean but it’s really meant to be a comforting message!”

She continued, “I wrote and produced this song with my friend and collaborator Tom Stafford at the beginning of 2020. Lyrically it set a tone for the rest of the album tracks to follow; no bullshit – just a messy scrapbook of honest, matter-of-fact thoughts. We demoed the song together in Tom’s London studio and then later brought it to Middle Farm Studios in Devon where we set up for 3 weeks – my band playing on this track took it to the next level & gave it the raucous energy it was missing. Sonically ‘You’re Not Special, Babe’ has everything I love – ethereal synths, shimmery guitars, harmonies, tiny drums, and big drums. I cannot wait to play this song live.”

About the song’s video, she adds “I directed the video for ‘You’re Not Special, Babe’ with my best friend and creative director Greta Isaac. I love working on these visuals with Gret because she knows me and these songs so well. In the song, I sing lyrics directed at myself but for this video, we dreamed up a movement-based piece (choreographed by Elan Isaac) that personifies the voices in three clowns (played by incredible dancers Hannah Hornsby, Kyll Thomas-Cole, and Anaïs Reymond.)



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