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On Georgia and Her New Album “Euphoric”

On Friday July 28th, British singer and producer Georgia Barnes released her third consecutive album “Euphoric.” Wanting to try something new with her music, she found the chance to mix the genres of Synthpop and House. In the end she seems to succeed, especially with the root song “It’s Euphoric.” For the album itself, the singers biggest inspirations included the 2000 hit film The Beach, 90’s dance music and optimism for the future. 

She mentioned to Tone Deaf, “I was really inspired by that feeling of when they reach the beach and they’re sitting there. They can’t believe it-the view of this secret beach. And they traveled all that way. I wanted a song to just evoke that a little bit.” She also wanted the lyrics to evoke a sense of freedom and positivity. Most importantly a connection for listeners to form their own relationship with each lyric. The album also has a hint of the music producer Rostam. The American record producer who has worked with artists such as Hiam, Frank Ocean and Carly Rae Jepson. 

Georgia's translucent pink vinyl release, "Euphoric" comes with a poloroid photo too.

Given the singer was born to Neil Barnes, part of the EDM duo Leftfield, its no surprise she has been around music all her life. Growing up in the same room where Leftfield wrote their debut album, the singer told Tone Deaf, “it must have had a profound effect on me because its all I ever wanted to do. I expressed interest (in music) from a very early age. My mum and dad were very supportive of anything to keep me happy.” With that, she got her big break in 2015 when she released her first self-titled album. Five years later, releasing her second consecutive album “Seeking Thrills”

As “Euphoric” is her third consecutive album, time will only tell what she has in store in the future. She will head to Australia this month to play shows in Sydney and Melbourne starting August 9th.

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