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On Bjork’s New Creative “Victimhood” Video

On Wednesday, September 6th, Icelandic singer-songwriter Bjork released an animated music video for her hit song “Victimhood.” Accompanied by woodwind instruments, the melody builds in a haunting way. It delves into how one points fingers at victims when they are actually the victim themselves. However, amidst all the placing the blame on others, one can also rediscover oneself in a whole new light. They break through those certain feelings at certain times to only realize they must be true to themselves. 

Commenting on the song and video as a whole, the singer told Pitchfork how while creating the video, “I sort of have this illusion idea of myself as being this kind of optimist. But you have to be truthful. It’s trickier to catch the tail of the self-pity for an optimist. Sometimes it becomes the role of the women, in difficult situations to take on the catharsis and emotional work, and if there’s some dark shadows or forces in a situation, we’ll convert it into sort of good energy, for other family members, so they don’t have to, we will take care of it.”

Since her first album, Debut, that released in 1993, the singer has been known as an artist who never fails to transcend her music, especially with her creativity. She has always had a knack for creating the same eye-catching visuals as seen in the video. Along with her music, she received a 2023 Grammy Award Nomination for Best Alternative Album. With the other songs in Fossora, the singer also shared similar videos for “Atopos,” “Ovule,” “Ancestress” and “Sorrowful Soil.” While preparing for a tour starting on November 18th, it will be interesting to see what this singer has up her sleeve next, especially with how creative she can get.

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