Olivia O’Brien Shares “Episodes: Season 1” EP

21-year-old Olivia O’Brien shared her latest solo project, the Episodes: Season 1 EP. It includes six songs and one feature.

Episodes: Season 1 is Finally Here

The singer-songwriter has been releasing a lot of new music lately, and she just shared plenty more for her fans to enjoy. Just earlier this year, she dropped the singles “NOW” and “Better Than Feeling Lonely”. Those singles don’t form part of the new EP. The only song in the project that was released prior to the EP is “Sociopath,” which came out in April.

With a total of six songs – of which five are brand new – the Episodes: Season 1 EP marks a new era for Olivia. “Sociopath” was the single that started it all back in April. With a new look and brighter sound, Olivia shared to American Songwriter,  “This album was supposed to come out in March. So, it’s been a waiting game for me. I’ve just been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. Nothing ever feels real until it’s actually out. So, we’ll see what happens. But, like, in my head, it’s not even happening. So, I never know how I feel until it’s actually out.” 

On the same date as the EP release, she decided to make “No More Friends” the next single off Episodes: Season 1. The song features Bring Me The Horizon’s Oliver Sykes, giving the track a pop-rock sound. 

O’Brien describes the defiant pop-rock anthem as a rejection of men who give mixed signals and string women along with no regard for their feelings. “I am so tired of guys telling me they want to keep me around as a friend; just so they can feel better about being an assh*le,” she says. “Or maybe they want to keep me on the hook just in case they change their mind. I refuse to stick around for someone who thinks of me as just an option.”

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