Olivia O’Brien Drops Edgy Pop Hit “Sociopath”

Rising pop icon Olivia O’Brien has a new single out that is her most thrilling and captivating yet.


Edgier Than Ever

From the start Olivia O’Brien was pushing limits. As a singer-songwriter in the pop genre, it’s hard to break in as an original. She did so with flying colors, though, thanks to her quick wit, confidence, and unwavering and unapologetic feminist attitude. (Not to mention her radiant talent and eye for clever lyricism.)


“Sociopath” is the lead single for O’Brien’s upcoming record, Episodes. Episodes, which is set to release in two parts this summer, will be the star’s second full-length record. While this song is horrific in the best way possible, it sets the tone for a nuanced and vengeful new era of pop.


“My life is a messy, scattered genre-bending saga and so is my album. I’m inviting you into the episodes of my life with this new album. A world of comedy, reality, drama, horror, fantasy and love. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it,” she told Atwood Magazine earlier this month. 


Her artistry consistently showcases the true highs and lows of her life. The vulnerability and angst is raw. Sure, her music is uptempo and a pop take on the singer-songwriter genre – but that doesn’t mean it’s any less hard-hitting. It has a vibe that shows how cathartic it is to both perform, as O’Brien, and listen to, as a fan. 


Olivia O’Brien Isn’t Really A “Sociopath”

Olivia O’Brien remains an evocative performer and relatable songstress. This new era, kick-started by “Sociopath,” will allow the star to depict that with a new level of intimacy. 


The chorus alone is bone-chilling and striking, but wonderfully dramatic. Lyrically, you want to hide under your bed, but musically you can’t help but be on the edge of your seat. “Hands on my neck, but you’ve got no regrets for the marks that you left, like your heart’s pumping ice through your chest. And I bet that you’ll do it again – guess that’s what I get for loving a sociopath,” O’Brien twinkles and croons with as much fight in her voice as possible.


“Sociopath,” as a single, samples the theme song to the movie Psycho. Fans of all ages will have their ears perk up at the notable tune. It’s a flawless sample and a perfect match for the meaning of the song and it’s true horror film of a video. 


The music video for this song shows O’Brien in her most energetic and cinematic on-screen performance to date. Her and her real life friend group are having a peaceful girls night in. Like the best horror movies, the thrill comes from an on-the-loose killer picking the girls off one-by-one. 


“Obviously this song is not about someone actually killing people, but it’s supposed to be a bit scary and dark. In my mind, it is just a cool visual that adds another layer to the song as well as an extremely necessary dramatic element. As I said previously, we wanted to make a movie,” she later explained to Atwood.


Make a movie she did! “Sociopath” is, without a doubt, the start of the most exhilarating era of Olivia O’Brien.

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