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Olivia Dean Teaches us to “Go Slowly” on Love

Breakout artist Olivia Dean is back with a new single. The ballad “Go Slowly” will form part of her forthcoming EP Growth.

Olivia Shows Her Heart on “Go Slowly”

Olivia Dean is definitely an artist that you need to know. The 21-year old has demonstrated that she’s an excellent songwriter who stays true to herself. In “Go Slowly,” she talks about being patient when starting a relationship and don’t fall under the pressure to rush things. “Go slowly, slowly. I know you’re not supposed to know me, I only see it when you show me slowly. I love to teach you how to hold me. So go on, hold me,” she sings in the chorus. 

In the music video for the song, Olivia performs the entire song while playing the piano herself. Rocking a beautiful blue two-piece conformed by a crop top and baggy pants, she wears 15-foot-long braid extensions. 

Growth Arrives on July 30!

Speaking of the song, Olivia says, “‘Slowly’ feels like one of the most vulnerable songs I’ve ever written. I used to think falling in love was supposed to be chaotic, fiery, and tumultuous, but I’ve realized that really, to fall in love normally – and to have a healthy and ordinary relationship is a beautiful thing. It’s a song asking for patience when starting to fall in love.”

She also mentioned how much she’s grown in the past year and how that inspired the title for her forthcoming EP. “Growth is a time capsule of the last year, it’s me processing my perspective on love and loving myself. Each song feels like a different stage of understanding relationships, whether with yourself or somebody else. It’s at times felt like my most difficult project but in the end, has been the most rewarding. I know myself so much better through this music.”

Growth will feature a total of 5 songs, including “Go Slowly” and fan-favorite “Be My Own Boyfriend”. It arrives on July 30, so we only have a few weeks left of waiting!

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