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Phantxm Proves Himself with New Releases

22-year-old MD Discovery, Phantxm, has been working relentlessly over the last couple months. The rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer dropped a complete album, Enter the Void: Phantxm Zone, in February of this year. Phantxm is back again, this time with a single, titled “Third Times a Charm.” Over the last few months, Phantxm has shown just how much he’s evolved as an artist.

The Making of “Third Times a Charm”

The prolific two-minute track features the talents of Syhg and TG Nesco, as all three artists compliment each other’s unique sound and style. Phantxm produced the track himself, apparent in his signature dreamlike beats and backing harmonies. The Delaware native switches between sprightly rap and polished vocals, making for a stirring listen. In a statement to Music Daily, Phantxm admits the song didn’t take long to make. He says “It all came together on the spot… we weren’t planning this song or writing it beforehand. We just got together and came out with it.” Even so, “Third Times a Charm” is the product of obvious effort and talent. Take a listen to the track here.

About Enter the Void: Phantxm Zone

Enter the Void: Phantxm Zone is the perfect introduction to Phantxm’s diverse talents. “Apollo” featuring $oloboog is a distinctive combination of classic rap, psychedelic sounds, and soothing vocals. The three minute track is worth a listen, as both $oloboog and Phantxm impress with their lyrical talents.

The Artist’s Resolve

“Mirror” is perhaps the most heartfelt track from the album, signifying Phantxm‘s resolve as an artist. He admits, “I’m looking in the mirror / not seeing anything” over a tranquil beat. His vulnerability, especially as a break-out artist, is admirable. Enter the Void is also self-produced, making the mastery of this track all the more impressive. The up-and-coming artist cements himself as a man of many trades – all of which contribute to a must-listen album.

Phantxm and Lil Chriz on “7 Seas”

Perhaps the most novel track from the album is “7 Seas” featuring Lil Chriz, another Delaware native. Lil Chriz shines on the track, his deep-toned vocals complimenting Phantxm’s airy notes. Lil Chriz sings, “I would cross the seven seas for you / I would do it, drop it all for you” over an ethereal beat. “7 Seas” is perfect for a late night drive, and deserves to be on your next summer playlist.

More to Come

Phantxm, over the last few months, has demonstrated his growth as an artist. He has diversified his entire discography, easily combining the best of every genre into cohesive, intriguing songs. The young artist’s creativity and talent make him a wonderful MD Discovery. We are eager to see what’s next for Phantxm. Be sure to check back often to discover your new favorite artists!

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