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Normani’s Debut Album is “Almost Done”

While being a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show last week, Normani gave an update on her debut album and said it’s almost done.

We’ll Get Normani’s Debut Album Pretty Soon

The “Motivation” hitmaker revealed that it’s not easy to put music out for the world to hear; as it’s part of her most personal experiences and thoughts. Last week, the Ellen Degeneres Show had singer Ciara as guest host. While interviewing Normani, the former Fifth Harmony star said, “I think people really underestimate how hard it is; and how much effort we put into one project, one body of work. When you give your baby out to the world – which is, you know, our music – that’s the deepest part of me, [and] you give people the opportunity to kind of pick it apart and have an opinion on it; but I believe in what I’m doing now, for sure.”

Normani previously shared that her debut album was finally going to help people see the real her and get to know her music. “I am definitely going to be prioritizing real-life experiences and making sure it’s my truth – me as a woman, right now. [It] will finally [allow] people to get to know the real me, the real Normani.”

She’s Had A Record-Breaking Solo Career Already

Normani gave her first step as a solo artist back in 2018; when she teamed up with Khalid for the hit single “Love Lies.” The same year, she created another hit, “Waves,” alongside 6LACK. Normani didn’t hold back in 2019 when joining forces with Sam Smith for “Dancing With A Stranger,” which became a global sensation and won multiple awards. In August of the same year, she finally released her first solo and debut single, “Motivation.” In 2020, she joined Megan Thee Stallion for “Diamonds,” and recruited rapper Cardi B last year for her new single “Wild Side.” 

This year, it’s clear that Normani has a lot of music in the works that she’s ready to share, so let’s keep an eye out for her next single and debut album!

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