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NIKI Jerks Hearts with Latest Single “Oceans & Engines”

NIKI recently dropped her latest single, “Oceans & Engines,” and it’s tearing at fans ‘hearts.

“Oceans & Engines”

niki oceans & engines
Photo Credit: Gabriel Chiu

NIKI’s “Oceans & Engines” single was recently released, and fans are getting sadder, more nostalgic, and more excited for the artist’s upcoming album, Nicole. A 17-year-old Nicole Zefanya, who is more commonly known by the stage name NIKI nowadays, wrote “Oceans & Engines” back in school. Through her lyrics, she tells the story of someone you love having to move away and leave you.

The music video shows viewers this tragic love story. NIKI and Ben, the chosen name for her ex, open the video with a choregraphed handshake. Throughout the video, memories of Ben constantly plague NIKI wherever she goes. At one moment, she’ll be at the beach as her friends text her about getting over Ben. The next moment, she’s racing to get the car as Ben chases her from the waves. And then, as the emotional kicker, she gets in the car only to find that Ben isn’t there anymore. The end of the music video really hits hard. NIKI wakes up alone in bed, singing, “I’m letting go / This is the last falsetto / I’ll ever sing to you my great, lost love.”

Check out the music video below to witness the tear-worthy moments.

NIKI’s ‘Nicole’

Long-time fans of NIKI have been ecstatic about her upcoming album, Nicole. The artist has said that Nicole will be seeing her go back to her roots, aka the slow, indie feel of the songs she used to upload on YouTube when she was younger.

NIKI has had, and will continue to have, a busy year. She performed at this year’s Coachella. She released “Before,” the first single off Nicole. She’s gearing up for her first solo headline tour in the fall, and will once again headline the Head in the Clouds Festival. All of this is on top of getting ready for the August 12th release date for Nicole.

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