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Nicki Minaj Delays Album Release Again

Nicki Minaj delayed the release of Pink Friday 2 again. The album’s release originally was on October 20th. Then, Minaj pushed it to November 17th. Now, it’s delayed until December 8th.

In an Instagram live video, she hyped her fans for the release:

“I have never in my life been so in love with something that I’m working on. So this entire album will be the biggest gift I have ever given humanity thus far…people [will] fall in love immediately.”

She continued, explaining several reasons for the day. One, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz were releasing Welcome 2 Collegrove together on November 17th. Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj are long-time friends. Minaj said Lil Wayne would give her the same courtesy of delaying his album. So, she delayed hers to give his time to shine. This is a great show of respect by the Queen of Rap. Two, she cited an increased focus on her pregnancy. No one can blame her for wanting to focus on her pregnancy. Three, she cited writer’s block. Every artist goes through this from time to time. Thankfully, it would appear she’s pushed through it.

She continued, “The new album date for this incredible body of work that I am so proud of is on a very special day to me and to the Barbz… It will come out on my birthday. Pink Friday 2 I am so happy to announce will be out on my birthday, Dec 8th.”

Pink Friday 2 is the first album Minaj is releasing since her 2018 album, Queen. Her fans (Barbz) are massively excited. Go on social media anywhere and you’ll see them hyping this album up, already claiming it will win Album of the Year at the Grammys. It’s possible, given Minaj’s talents as a rapper and songwriter.

Minaj’s new album is available for pre-order via her official website.

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