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Bonnie McKee Drops New Single, ‘Don’t Get Mad Get Famous’

Singer-songwriter and industry powerhouse Bonnie McKee has dropped her third single of the year, “Don’t Get Mad Get Famous.” Her latest single packs tons of attitude and energy into its one-minute, 20-second runtime.

Next Steps

“Don’t Get Mad Get Famous” is the next step in Bonnie McKee’s long-running, star-studded career. She’s co-written plenty of number one hits alongside hit artists. She’s worked with the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Jason Derulo, Taio Cruz, Dorian Electra and Adam Lambert. Furthermore, she’s even worked with Katy Perry, helping to produce nine of her hits. McKee has worked on some of her biggest songs, including “Dark Horse,” “Teenage Dream,” “Wide Awake” and “California Gurls.” McKee’s songs are the prime example of pop perfection, having landed on the Billboard Top 100 charts many times with their catchy melodies and punchy lyrics.

With “Don’t Get Mad Get Famous” and her two other singles of the year, McKee is bringing herself and her talent back into the spotlight. After her 2004 debut album, Trouble, McKee’s record label dropped her. In the following years, she built an incredible track record with her long list of number one hits written alongside other artists. Now she’s brought her talent to craft her own pop masterpieces, also amassing hundreds of thousands of streams.  

A New Direction

“Don’t Get Mad Get Famous” harnesses the electric energy in some of McKee’s previous co-written songs, like “Ooh La La” with Britney Spears or Rita Ora’s “How We Do (Party).” Some subtle disco hints punctuate the pulsing electric beat and McKee’s confident vocals and lyrics about renown and recognition. Its official visualizer captures even more of McKee’s prideful tone. “Don’t Get Mad Get Famous” also captures an early 2010’s essence that characterizes all of her past works. She mixes these elements with new, fresh ideas to give it a modern twist.

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