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New Hope Club Just Keep “Getting Better” While on Tour

British pop trio New Hope Club is currently on their Getting Better tour, and I got to see them when they made a stop in Chicago.

Vaultboy Was the First Act of the Night

New Hope Club traveled across the pond to play for their fans in the United States. How lucky are we?!? Very, considering that the last time that the group was in town was in 2018 when they were touring with The Vamps. Nevertheless, they made the wait time well worth it.

One of the band’s stops included Chicago’s Subterranean, and I made my way over there on July 17. Rising act vaultboy served as the opening act, and he made sure to really warm up the crowd. His charisma won over the audience, who couldn’t stop dancing to his songs like “rocket science,” “aftermath,” and the TikTok viral track “everything sucks.”

New Hope Club Performed Some Fan-Favorites

When New Hope Club took the stage, every single girl in the crowd lost her mind. Everyone was excited for the night, and couldn’t wait to see what songs the band was about to perform. After feeling the crowds’ warm welcome, the boys started playing one of their newest tracks “Getting Better,” which absolutely set the tone for the night. 

“Medicine” was next on the setlist, one of their very first songs released in 2018. Some other throwback tunes included “Love Again,” “Worse,” “Let Me Down Slow,” “Fixed,” Permission,” and “Know Me Too Well.” Every single lyric of those songs was sung to by the audience at the top of their lungs. Once again, it had been a very long time since the boys performed for their public in the states.

Unreleased Songs Bombarded the Setlist

New Hope Club didn’t miss the opportunity to play some unreleased songs as well. Actually, they played A LOT of new songs. These include “Whatever,” “Walk It Out,” “Call Me A Quitter,” “Don’t Go Wasting Time,” and “I Like Your Face.” Needless to say, every single one of them made people dance along, and get them excited to be able to listen to them in the future once they get released. 

They Can Do it All

The band had another trick under their sleeve, though. In the middle of the setlist, they put on some extravagant shades and performed Lizzo’s “About That Time.” This is something I surely didn’t expect to see that night, but I did not regret any second of it. The boys made every single lyric their own and connected with the crowd flawlessly, making it seem like a friends’ party.

To end the night, New Hope Club couldn’t forget about their other newly-released song, “Girl Who Does Both.” Overall, it was an amazing show and if they happen to be coming to your town soon, don’t hesitate to go see them! I promise you, you won’t regret it. Their tour in the US ends on July 30, but they head over to South Korea and Indonesia to play some shows this August. To get your tickets, visit 

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