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New Hope Club Drop “Call Me a Quitter” & “Whatever”

British band New Hope Club released two new singles titled “Call Me a Quitter” and “Whatever.”

New Hope Club Premiered The Tracks While Touring This Summer

The two new tracks arrive only two months after New Hope Club’s official return to new music this past June, when they released the singles “Getting Better” and “Girl Who Does Both.” The band is completely ready for this new era, and they are not holding back when it comes to sharing new music with their fans.

New Hope Club spent this summer traveling across the United States, which marked their first time in the country since 2018, when they toured with fellow British band The Vamps as the opening act. 

While headlining their first tour in the US, New Hope Club played tons of unreleased music to their audience. They included “Call Me a Quitter” and “Whatever” in those performances. Ever since they started playing both songs, the public fell in love with their sound and lyricism, and even sang along to their choruses. 

Now, both songs talk about very different things. “Call Me a Quitter” narrates falling in love with a girl that’s too good to let go, and giving your best in that relationship. “Whatever,” on the other hand, is about a broken-up relationship, and dealing with the fact that the person you used to spend so much time with is now with somebody else. 

Talking About Hard Work on “Call Me a Quitter”

“’Call Me a Quitter’ came about when we were sat in the back of a cab in London,” New Hope Club said. “Talking about how we were struggling with relationships during the pandemic. It was a kind of therapy session for the three of us to write down how we had all been feeling. The song is mostly about the self-realization that we can do better in all aspects of our life. This was the song and moment for us to change that around and not quit on what we had worked so hard for.”

“Call Me a Quitter” comes accompanied by a vivid music video. Check it out!

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