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“STFU”; Denouncing Modernity With 2000s Punk-Rock

Retro-stylized content is constantly being made in today’s market. Whether it’s the wonderfully done Stranger Things or the entire subgenre of lofi being a time capsule of sound. Or even the 90s inspired web subgenre of Found Footage: Analogue Horror. People who grew up in my era have a romanticized look at the past and its aesthetics. “What does this have to STFU by Neck Deep?” you’re wondering. Well, everything. 



Denouncing Modernity With 2000s Punk-Rock:

Neck Deep goes hard with a self-aware open criticism of modern day issues with youth. Whether it’s the ridicule from others or the amount of time we all spend online, there’s enough here to standout as wildly fun and interesting. The lyrics specifically have a punch and awareness of what makes my generation what it is: dissatisfaction. Yet, it doesn’t let got of that fun edge and in-your-face lyricism.  

“Twenty-five years in a rut

Twenty-five years floating on a rock”


“Because you spent all night online again

Another victim of the times”


“Would it take a tidal wave of change

To exercise some karma on these crooked motherfuckers?”


Nostalgic Excellence: 

STFU serves this on a platter graffitied way back in the 2000s, the decade I grew up in! The sound of this song reminds me of the general vibe from the soundtracks of the Tony Hawk line of video games. Specifically, American Wasteland. I can imagine it queueing up as I’m skating through Hollywood, grinding, pulling off tricks, and bailing. Feels right at home too; alongside tracks like Holiday by Green Day and Ever Fallen in Love by Thursday. 

It brings a smile to my face as I go back to that era while speaking exactly about what’s going on today. It’s an awesome balancing act and if you’re anything like me then I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it. Neck Deep is one band I’ll be looking out for in the future, and maybe you should too. 

That’s it for now. For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.

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