December 06, 2022

Mike Dimes Remixes “HOME” with J.I.D


Rap’s next star, Mike Dimes, releases “HOME (Remix)” with J.I.D, originally from his March album “IN DIMES WE TRUST.”

TikTok sensation and rap's next star, Mike Dimes releases "HOME (Remix)" with JID, originally from his March album "IN DIMES WE TRUST."
via Instagram @mikedimes: old yall i would drop it. thanks @jidsv :* (talk2me song drops june 10th >:))

MD Profile: Mike Dimes

The Texas rapper took off on TikTok with the viral success of “My Story” in 2021, which he put on his debut DLOG. Originally, he wanted to pursue a basketball career, but music took over. He first got into rap through poetry and listening to legends like Tupac Shakur, Lauryn Hill, and Andre 3000 during elementary school.  His  musical influences range from eccentric stars like Joey Bada$$ and A$AP Rocky to 50 Cent and Jill Scott.

His upbringing is definitely not common, and he attributes that to his “X” factor as an artist. He was born into a military family that traveled often. The various places he called home influenced his music. Moving from Colorado to Oklahoma, South Carolina, and San Antonio, his perspective became diverse musically. From those experiences, he was aware of how various styles had different modes of storytelling, which influenced how he produced raps.

For only being 21, his ear for musicality doesn’t disappoint, especially on his second project, IN DIMES WE TRUST. His presence is strong with genius lyrics like on “Paparazzi.” The track houses an old-school feeling of Three 6 Mafia while blending today’s favorite trap and synths. The record showcases vast flows and hits of his past that make his second project a great addition to his discography.

Off the same record, the 808-crazed track “HOME” gets a new upgrade, “HOME (Remix)” with J.I.D. The original single amassed over 25 million streams on Spotify.

“HOME (Remix)” By Mike Dimes and J.I.D

Instantly, the remix chops up the beginning 808s to slide into a slick trap beat and kick drum. This menacing split take of 808s becomes the main beat of the remix; its sudden repetition can be distracting.

Although Dimes doesn’t offer anything new lyrically, he gets help from Dreamville’s J.I.D to revitalize the already stellar song. On the track, J.I.D raps about how much success he achieved after leaving Atlanta, his home.

J.I.D spits, “Way out in Budapest, from the Crest Boulder / I’ll be there if you lookin’ over your left shoulder/ They be there if I need a n***a to step on you /Gs movin’ in silence, n***as’ deaf toned /Tone deaf, my songs is bein’ slept on.”

Then, he reps Atlanta for a victory lap. He goes, “In the land of Atlanta, I love bein’ home/I want a seat on the throne, I ain’t gon’ leave it alone/’Fore all the people is speakin’, nah, let’s even the score/Knock on the door, it’s a shotgun, you peepin’ a hole/ I used to sleep on the floor/I’m undefeated, you want a feature, I’m eatin’ your soul.”

Mike Dimes is currently in the midst of his tour with Earthgang, and he will perform at Rolling Loud Miami on July 23.

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