My Black Friday Pop Music List

Are you shopping around the town this Black Friday?  Going from store to store to get every deal? Maybe just clicking away online at home?  Are you also a pop music lover?  Well, I have the perfect list of pop holiday music to get you through the stresses of holiday shopping.  Whether you’re driving from Best Buy to Bath and Body Works or sitting in your pj’s at home – you can whistle these tunes along the way.

Carly Rae Jepson – It’s Not Christmas Till Somebody Cries"It's Not Christmas Till Somebody Cries" MV CRJ

Didn’t know CRJ had a Christmas tune?  Lucky for you, I am happy to tell you that she does… and it’s great.  In typical Carly Sleigh Jepson fashion, this song is a cutesy disco jingle.  Even better, it’s a fun poke at the expectations versus the reality of Christmas with your family.  In a Pitchfork article, she said “if things go south just remember, the secret is to sing a little song to survive… that it’s not Christmas till somebody cries!”  Also, maybe you consider getting some of her cute holiday merch for that special Jepsie in your life.

Christmas Queens – Jiggly Caliente’s Ratchet Christmas 

Unironically, this song is fun as hell.  Jiggly Caliente premiered this song on a Christmas album with a collection of various RuPaul’s Drag Race queens.  I put it on this list because sometimes you need a break from all of those Rudolph and snowflake-inspired songs while shopping.  Sometimes you just want to get down.  Actually, yelling “Worldstar!!,” as Jiggly does in this track, might be pretty appropriate with some of the Black Friday shoppers that you see out.

Sia – HO HO HO

First, all of Sia‘s Everyday Is Christmas album should get streamed this holiday season.  It’s a great take on holiday music.  HO HO HO is no exception.  Sia sings this whimsical track with a boozy affectation.  The chorus is catchy, fun, and will definitely have you humming it all throughout Nordstroms.  More so, it’s a perfect depiction of a lot of the people at holiday parties you might be attending this year.

Kelly Clarkson & Ariana Grande – Santa, Can’t You Hear Me

Santa, Can’t You Hear Me was an instant classic!  With their perfectly harmonized voices, these two Voice vocal coaches effortlessly show off why they are in those chairs.  Released this year, Clarkson and Grande sing about not getting what they want for the holidays.  The pre-chorus rings “‘Cause all I ever wanted/Was nothin’ I got and/Santa, can’t you hear me?”.  Not only is it a great listen, but it might actually be what you’re saying when you don’t get that Fenty Beauty Killawatt Foil Highlighter compact from Sephora.

Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You

MC in "All I Want For Christmas Is You" MV

Yes, the magnum opus of all Christmas songs.  A chart-topper year after year, let this song be your north star during Black Friday shopping.  If you don’t already hear this song at every store you end up in, you can at least belt it in the Taco Bell drive-through at 4 am when your shopping comes to an end.  This one is here, not only because it’s a classic, but because it should make you feel warm.  Like Mariah, try to be carefree this holiday shopping season.  Who cares if you can’t get all the deals or even afford to shop this go around?  Text your friends, call your mom, and just jam to some holiday music.  After all, sometimes all people want for Christmas is you anyway.

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