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mxmtoon is a “victim of nostalgia”

Rising pop artist mxmtoon released her new single “victim of nostalgia,” as the follow up to “sad disco.”

mxmtoon’s New Album rising is Coming This Month

There’s good news for mxmtoon fans. The singer-songwriter has a new album on the way! And that comes as no surprise, as the talented artist has been sharing plenty of new music lately. Back in February, she released “mona lisa,” the track that would serve as the opener of her new era. “Sad disco” came only a month later, and now, “victim of nostalgia” has arrived to bless our ears.

mxmtoom’s forthcoming album is titled rising, and is set to arrive on May 20. The project will include all of these songs that have already been released, plus some new ones like “frown,” “florida,” “scales” and “dizzy.” In total, the LP will feature 12 songs.

“victim of nostalgia” Takes us to the Past

“victim of nostalgia” talks about the unsure feeling of growing up, and not knowing what we’re supposed to do in the next phase of our lives. In the song, mxmtoon wishes that time would slow down so she could enjoy the present a little more. “It’s the panic of growing up (I don’t wanna). It’s the fear of missing out (Feel so bored of). Will it ever be enough (What I have right now). If I’m a victim of nostalgia?” she sings in the chorus.

 “A lot of us have fallen victim to that feeling that time moves too quickly,” mxmtoon says. “I feel like I blinked one afternoon and suddenly found myself fully cemented in adulthood, wildly unprepared to take on the future and desperately wishing I could go back in time. ‘victim of nostalgia’ is about missing the blind optimism and warmth that’s so much easier to experience when you’re younger. Wanting to escape back into a time when your worries weren’t so pervasive. Looking into the future can be daunting, and I know I’ve personally really struggled with how fast years can feel in the grand scheme of things. I hope one day it’ll feel easier to accept the passage of time, but for now, I definitely find myself as a victim of nostalgia.”

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