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Music & TV: Who’s Brazilian Rising Star Clarice Falcāo

Actress, singer and screenwriter… Clarice Falcāo is the complete package. Born in Recife, Brazil, she initially moved to Sao Paulo and later, at age 6, to Rio de Janeiro, where she has lived ever since. Clarice has always been around art from a young age (not to mention her parents are both writers) and that inspired her to follow a similar path. 

Covers, Latin Grammys…

She started her music career with covers – ‘YMCA’ (Village People) contained in the first ep, but also ‘Survivor’ (Destiny’s Child) from the album ‘Monomania – and at the same time she continued to act. 

The success began in 2013, when she received the Best New Artist nomination at the Latin Grammy Awards. After that, two studio albums (the latest in 2019) and, for this summer, the singles ‘Chorar na Boate’ and ‘Ar da Sua Graça’, both released in June. 

The tv series Eletta

Two drops that probably anticipate an album with Clarice Falcāo’s inspirations and influences. From alternative rock to folk and ethnic/Brazilian popular music. This is perhaps the perfect time for the Recife native to come out with new music. TV has given Clarice a lot of popularity in the country, she’s now a pretty big thing in Brazil. She’s been the protagonist of the first season of the tv series Eletta, where she plays Fefê. 

Clarice is finally on the radar and now wants to be worldwide. Last step of an artistic career which showed the many talents of Clarice Falcāo. Balls are in her court. 

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