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Music Re-Discovery: Johnny Orlando

Johnny Orlando was a Music Discovery in the later part of 2021 with his single,”You’re Just Drunk.”  It was the teen sensation’s last single of the year. 

Expressing His Frustrations on the New Track

“You’re Just Drunk” arrived on the heels of Johnny’s How Can It Be Christmas EP, released only a few weeks ago. Last year the rising star also landed a collaboration with DVBBS on the catchy electropop single “I Don’t” and August’s “Daydream.” It’s clear that Johnny still has music to share with fans this year, and he’s not making them wait any longer.

“You’re Just Drunk” is a smashing pop track where Johnny expresses feeling frustrated, as the person he’s interested in does not really care about his emotions. “You’re kinda confusing. And none of your excuses add up. Tell me if it’s stupid. Waiting for you if it’s not love. You’re just drunk. Saying just a little too much. Playing with me just for fun. Treat it like a high school crush,” he sings.

Johnny Has a Big Year Ahead

Johnny teased that this song, alongside “Daydream,” is just a taste of what’s coming next year. He’s preparing for the release of his debut album. “I have been waiting to release ‘You’re Just Drunk’ from the moment I wrote it in January of this year.” 

He continued, “This was one of the first songs I wrote with an upcoming project in mind. It was a pivotal moment in my artistic journey. I have been searching for my unique sound for a very long time. I think this song made everything finally click for me. It inspired new confidence that I didn’t feel through any of my previous releases, so I couldn’t be more excited that it is finally out in the world for everyone to enjoy. This is just a taste of what is to come in the next year… so get ready!”

Johnny hits the road this weekend just after his recent drop, “SomeoneWill Love You Better.” We will be reviewing that this week. Meanwhile, Johnny heads over to Chicago and Detroit for two headlining shows on May 7th and 8th, respectively. You can find more information and tickets here.

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