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Alfie Templeman’s Bouncy & Captivating “Colour Me Blue”

The more time I spend on the internet the more I find new gems that excite me on what’s to come. The latest of these is Alfie Templeman, an English singer-songwriter and his latest release: “Colour Me Blue”. 

The Song: 


“Colour Me Blue” is a fast paced, twangy, bouncy track. A headbobber if I ever heard one. The drums and guitar create a wonderful trip; reminiscent of Ween’s “Ocean Man” with more spunk and speed. This carries the track through its verses with a melody you want to dance to. Speaking of verses, Templeman centers it around a somber person, a loving singer, and their relationship. The singer details how his partner could change into anyone they’d like around him. What matters most is their comfort and joy. Even reminiscing on the nights they spent dancing. He doesn’t care wherever they are as long as they’re together. This is expressed in the following:

“You could be someone else with me if you want,

I could be anywhere else with you” 


“Do you want me to come around,

Pick when you’re feeling down, 

I could be, I could be somewhere with you”

There’s a level of excitement and comfort in the track. Whether it’s being reminiscent of a nostalgic track for me or the lyrics themselves. I can say confidently that these are my favorite kinds of songs. Love songs that flip melancholy events or aspects on its head because of said love. With that, whatever comes next for Alfie Templeman I’ll be sure to look for that Mellow Moon.

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