Music Discovery: Miles Chancellor

Miles Chancellor has found his “Starcrossed” lover in his new single that was released on August 1.

Music Daily discovery artist Miles Chancellor has found his “Starcrossed” lover in his new single that released on August 1.
@mileschancellor Via Twitter.

Music Style & Evolution Of Miles Chancellor

Hailing from Philadelphia, up-and-coming artist Miles Chancellor Tolbert derives his sing-rap style from early R&B and rap influences. Specifically, he became immersed in Aaliyah and late ‘80s, ‘90s, and early 2000s R&B music. But the “Starcrossed” singer always keeps the listener on their toes, dipping into rap sounds within his projects. His dreams of being a musician seemed more feasible when he watched the authentic come-up of Philly rapper Meek Mill. It showed Miles that he could achieve mainstream success, even coming from what feels like a small city.

Since his introduction in 2016 with projects No Man’s Land and West End Chza, the independent artist has not lifted his foot off the petal. Before Chancellor’s 2018 album Moral Compass, he would roll out EP TIME+PLACE in 2017 and the series Castaway, Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3. Not to mention, Miles joined forces with a New Jersey artist Ant Beale for a collective project We’ll Be Fine in 2018. Even more, Miles Chancellor co-founded the label and collective TheCrewDown, or TCD, established in 2018. TCD consists of artists by the name of Lord of Rage, Benyeji, AP The Plan, K-Y, Will IV, Alston Pierre, and Jodi Preston.

New Single “Starcrossed”

His recent single, “Starcrossed,” is more of a dance record with tones of R&B. Miles delivers romantic lyrics with a Soundcloud melodic rap-like style consisting of autotune-drenched melodies and cadences. “Starcrossed” describes an imperfect situation between lovers. Miles Chancellor and his love interest may not be soulmates, but when the stars align, everything feels right. “Hop in my / My spaceship coupe / I know you love me / Like I love you / For whatever reason, we just can’t seem to get in a groove / When the stars align / For us, you can’t be starstruck,” he sings. He fantasizes about their smiles brightening in the night sky and dancing together in the moonlight. The term “star-crossed lovers” depicts a romantic situation between people who cannot be together for some reason. A common idea behind the phrase is that the stars are sabotaging a relationship. Miles pulls from this phrase to provide context to the meaning of his song.

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