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Music Discovery: Laura Groves (doesn’t) Get Emotional on I’m Not Crying and D 4 N

Laura Groves is an English musician originally from Shipley, West Yorkshire, England. With 5 EPs and her 2009 debut album Blue Roses in her discography, the artist is ready to launch her new, latest full-length album, Radio Red. Welcoming the release, the artist dropped few more singles and short movies, including “D 4 N” and “I’m Not Crying.” Discover with us the artist’s new drops and get ready for her new album, Radio Red.

D 4 N and I’m Not Crying set the tone for Groves’ new album

Vibrant, mystical and secretive, Laura Groves’ latest singles are a magical fairytale graced by her beautiful, elegant soft voice. The two singles collect the dualism of fragility mixed with the strength of those who seek solutions to their sadness. Laura Groves put all of herself and her experience into the singles, as well in the album where the singles come from, 2023 Radio Red.

Photo by Sophie le Roux @sopfhe taken from Laura Grove official Instagram account

I’m Not Crying Welcomes Studio album Radio Red

Laura Grove’s second studio album came out on August, 11. Announcing the release of the album, Grove released a statement to describe what has led to the creation and publication of her second studio project, Radio Red.

“Made over a number of years, it’s been a true labour of love,” Groves started. “It’s taken so much to get it done, but equally it’s brought so much into my life. What started as a solitary process continues to expand my understanding of self-worth and connectedness. I’ve learnt a lot and my hope is that these messages, signals and dreams,” she adds. “I’ve realized and released in their song form, can help others access that creativity and connection too.”

Alongside the release of her second album, Laura Groves dropped “Sky At Night” and its so-defined “a film-within-a-film collage music video” that the artist made.

If you happen to be in Great Britain in the next few weeks, make sure to witness the first performance of Radio Red live. Laura Grove will perform in The United Kingdom or only few nights, starting with her Brighton performance on Aug 13. She will then move to Birkenhead on Aug 18 and Glasgow on Aug 19, finally concluding her short set of dates in London on the 23rd. In Glasgow and London respectfully Maija Sofia and Fran Lobo will open her performances.

Find all the information here and get your tickets for one of Laura Groves’ few nights live.

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