December 06, 2022

Mura Masa Recruits All-star Lineup for “Bbycakes”


Mura Masa by Lillie EigerMura Masa enlists a “wonderful cast of characters” for Bbycakes

Twenty-five-year-old Alex Crossan, the artist behind Mura Masa, has gone from SoundCloud music to Grammy and NME winner.  A collaborator with artists from Clairo to Charli XCX, his delicate take on electronic music transcends genres.  He can remix a HAIM track into bubbly hypnosis and co-produce an energetically maxed-out track with Alice Longyu Gao.  Because of this, Mura Masa is a name that elicits intrigue.  Whether on a Lady Gaga remix, or an original track, the expansive producer possesses the ability to adapt anyone to his sound.

Now, the Guernsey born producer assembles even more superstars for his latest single Bbycakes.  Featuring Lil Uzi Vert, Shygirl, and Pinkpantheress – whom he produced Just For Me with, the single follows 2021’s 2gether.  Together, the tracks will be a part of his upcoming album Soundtrack To A Death, Part 2 – a follow-up to his debut album.  On Instagram promoting the song, Mura Masa says, “thank u to my wonderful cast of characters for trusting me with this record… it’s demon time.”

Every star delivers

Opening the track, Shygirl gives a fresh vocal performance we have yet to see from her.  In the chorus, she is light and airy, as she pleads for Bbycakes to stick around.  She delivers with innocence.  Similarly, Lil Uzi Vert’s flow in the first verse carries the same energy.  As a song about an in-and-out-of-relationship Uzi’s lyrics create the back and forth between two lovers.  Then, as we have seen, Pinkpantheress delivers (especially when Mura Masa is on the beat).  On Bbycakes she is so smooth and assured.  The production pulls back as her vocals float throughout the second verse.  She grabs your attention before shutting you out with the line, “And if I said that I loved you, I lied”

Sonically, the song is hip-hop meets UK garage.  Mura Masa creates a playful sound mixing trap beats and steelpans, with a buoyant bass.  He cleverly uses scrubbing to transition from one line to another.  In addition to the twinkling energy throughout, the track is sprawling yet highly listenable.  "Bbycakes" single cover by Emma Gasper

We’re ready for “Soundtrack To A Death, Part 2”

Already, Mura Masa has included a massive amount of talent in just the second single for his new record. With two strong singles introducing us to Mura Masa’s next era, anticipation is high for his next project.


Currently, he is on tour in Australia and has yet to announce a release date for his album.  Comment below what you want to see from Mura Masa’s next project.





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