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MUNA Begins Taco Bell’s ‘Feed The Beat’ Unofficial Halftime Show

MUNA is the first performer of The Unofficial Halftime Show, Taco Bell's virtual concert series showcasing three trending artists across three consecutive weeks.

Taco Bell and its Feed the Beat program kick off the Unofficial Halftime Show series, the chain’s first-ever vibrant online concert series with three artists everyone needs to know: MUNA, Claire Rosinkranz and Scowl

Fans who tune in are be able to order their Taco Bell favorites before or during the show with $5 off a $20+ delivery order by entering a promo code in the brand’s app.

Last night, the mesmerizing trio MUNA launched the series’ first show, captivating audiences with their genre-bending sound and powerful lyricism. Upon introducing themselves, they jumped their 2022 hit “What I Want,” soaking the stage in electro-rock synths. Lead singer Katie Gavin then introduces the second and final song: MUNA’s latest single, “One That Got Away.” Maybe it was Gavin’s power stance or the disco ball’s dazzling reflections casting about the ambient room, but the good vibes were limitless as MUNA crushed their 2-set performance.

On July 26 at 6:50pm PT, singer-songwriter Claire Rosinkranz will showcase her vibrant energy and powerhouse live shows. With her catchy pop-infused tunes and relatable storytelling, Rosinkranz captivates fans of all ages and leaves an unforgettable stage presence. Let’s hope the TikTok viral indie-hit“Backyard Boy” makes the setlist.

Concluding the series of extraordinary performances, Scowl will take the stage on August 5 at 7:50pm PT. This up-and-coming hardcore punk band will leave fans craving more of their raw talent and electrifying sound. Scowl’s boundary-pushing music is reminiscent of 2000s Green Day with extra spice of authenticity. “Bloundhound,” the group’s most-streamed track– off their 2021 debut album How Flowers Grow— is an intense instrumental track that forbodes real-life copycats and stage-five clingers.

What do you think of MUNA’s Unofficial Halftime Show for Taco Bell’s Feed the Beat program? Check out more Live stories on Music Daily!

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