Low Cut Connie Video Depicts the “Charyse” In All Of Us

Philadelphia’s favorite live band, Low Cut Connie, consistently raise the bar for rock and roll storytelling.


Finding the Personal Within Private Lives

For years, Low Cut Connie has been known for being a rambunctious and rowdy rock band. The setting fans caught them in were lively bars and clubs with a stages ready to be torn to shreds. 


Frontman Adam Weiner has created an ambiance around his band, Low Cut Connie, and it’s a powerful one. Grit, passion, reality, and harmony are in every Low Cut Connie song. The latest full-length release of theirs, Private Lives, dives headfirst into everything the band does best. It tells real stories, showcases a variety of musical talents, and gets listeners off their feet… even if stuck at home. 


Most recently, LCC released “Charyse” from their Private Lives record. This record, of which, is on many 2020 year-end lists and quickly became critically-acclaimed after its October release. (Like many of their LPs.)


Low Cut Connie’s “Charyse” Release

“Charyse” is just one of the songs off this record and it just so happens to encompass all of what it’s about. “Charyse,” real or fictional, is a woman having a hard time in a big city. It’s a relatable, anthemic track that incorporates the best piano-driven melodies that Adam Weiner has to offer. The story, lyrics, and instrumentation are overwhelming in the best way possible.


The style teeters on the early days of Bruce Springsteen, but the vibe feels knee deep in the Rolling Stones versatility.


The music video for “Charyse” is brand new, but authentically Low Cut Connie. The scenes intertwine between Weiner himself singing and playing piano, the rest of the band, and some women. With swirls and strobes of red, green, and blue lights, the video feels equally enduring and distorted. There is a strong personality and honesty to it, though. 


The aesthetic around the women in the video follows their trippy, hypnotic, and almost devastating approach to nightlife. Everyone has been a “Charyse” or knows a “Charyse,” and Low Cut Connie puts that on display. All in all, it’s a timeless tale under the guise of a classic rock banger with immense melody and musicality. 


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