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MD Discovery: Ruelle Has Come to ‘Conquer’ With New Song

Who is Ruelle?

Maggie Eckford-Reed, better known by her stage name, Ruelle, is a name you might not have heard before. Chances are, though, you’ve heard her eerie, haunting songs while watching a TV show or film trailer. Ruelle has had her songs on shows like 13 Reasons Why, Gotham, Shadowhunters, Pretty Little Liars, The Walking Dead, Riverdale, Revenge and Grey’s Anatomy. In 2019, she was named Top Synced Artists of 2019 by Billboard, and was No. 2 for the same title in 2020. Now, the indie-pop and electro-pop singer-songwriter has released yet another song to add to her catalog.

On February 1, 2024, Ruelle released her newest single, “Conquer.” The song is an uplifting one, with the message of conquering whatever trials or tribulations might be met. Ruelle sings about not being beaten down by what she encounters in life. She intends to get back up again and again. In an Instagram post from the day of the song’s release, she said, “This song has become my anthem for this year and I hope it empowers and inspires you as well.”

Ruelle "Conquer" single art.
Ruelle “Conquer” single art.

Less than a week later, she posted again, talking about the songwriting process of “Conquer.” “I remember writing this song with my friends @joshuasilverberg and @jvarnadore and feeling such a great energy in the room. It was an easy one to write in the sense that it just sort of poured out of us effortlessly that day. Normally when tracking vocals we would create a choir sound by layering our voices (between the three of us), but I really wanted to go the extra mile and bring in a real choir for this song. I’m SO glad I did because it brought the song to a whole new level. Shout out to my talented friend @daniellamason for organizing and directing these beautiful voices! And thank you to everyone who came together to make all of this happen both sonically and visually!”

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