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MD Discovery: ROLE MODEL’s “a little more time”

Photo courtesy of Euphoria Magazine (@rolemodel on Instagram)

Rising sensation ROLE MODEL has released his first single of the year, “a little more time,” following his debut album, Rx.

The Beginning of ROLE MODEL

            Singer-songwriter ROLE MODEL, also known as Tucker Pillsbury, has been making subtle waves in music for a few years now. Pillsbury attempted multiple routes in music, beginning as a rapper under the name “Tucker.” Soon thereafter, he pivoted and ROLE MODEL was born. Producing his own music in college, Pillsbury became known for his ability to process complex emotions, “belied by his restrained vocals and preference for easygoing and often strummy pop.” These abilities led to him working with the likes of Mac Miller and Benny Blanco.

            Currently, ROLE MODEL has released an impressive discography, including popular singles like “blind” and “forever&more”. His intimate songwriting, paired with his bedroom-pop sound has garnered the attention of a loyal fanbase and Interscope Records. As such, he’s rightfully on everyone’s radar as an artist to watch for in 2023. ROLE MODEL’s artistry has taken some time to develop, but it seems things are rapidly gaining momentum, especially for this year. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see him climbing the charts in no time.

ROLE MODEL Drops First Single of the Year, “a little more time”

            ROLE MODEL gets brutally honest and vulnerable in his new single, “a little more time,” which just released on February 17th. The single is the artist’s first release of the year following his debut album ‘Rx’ in 2022. “A little more time” is an inner monologue of being rendered useless while watching time slip by. It encapsulates the feelings of twisted co-dependence and all-consuming love. In this way, it feels like the next chapter of the storytelling we found in Rx.

            To begin, the song paints a dreary picture for listeners of a colorless life:

“In a city with no seasons / in a house that’s not a home / Honey, you’re the only reason / I don’t quite feel alone.”

            The song follows along on the theme of finding solace in the arms of someone you love. Rather than home being within four walls, ROLE MODEL finds himself at home with his partner, begging for more time with them. In the first verse, the artist begs the question of whether it is a disaster of his own making that has led to such existential dread. He is comforted by the fact that his partner shares in his torment: “You say we’re miserable together / That’s all that gets me out of bed.” In this way, “a little more time” finds itself to be sadly relatable. Above all else, the narrator simply craves companionship while navigating life. He is no more than a tortured soul looking for a sense of direction.

            Overall, the mellow guitar throughout the song creates a nostalgic melody that complements the heartfelt lyrics. ROLE MODEL has never shied away from laying it all on the table, and “a little more time” is just evidence of that.

Check out the music video for “a little more time” down below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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