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MD Discovery: Chloe Borthwick

Today’s Music Daily Discovery is Chloe Borthwick. Read on to find out more about the singer-songwriter and her 2023 so far.

Chloe Borthwick, also known as Chloe Bee, is a soulful musician with a genre-bending sound. Her sound has become a blend of pop, R&B, country, jazz and alt rock. With a history of writing and performing music since age 13, Borthwick showcases her instrumental, production and songwriting skills throughout her entire discography.

The musician draws her inspiration from artists such as Miley Cyrus and Maren Morris. She’s described on Spotify as creating “this twangy pop-aesthetic with her musical roots in classical and rock music. Resultingly, a harmonious blend of pop hooks, country-esque songwriting, alt-rock stylings, and powerful female vocals coalesce into one exciting, honest experience for listeners.”

She currently has a couple of different live shows lined up for the rest of the month. One of those is a Halloween show on October 30th at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York. She’ll be performing alongside Gabe Valle and Oscar Rodriguez.

Chloe Borthwick’s 2023 So Far

On October 6th, Borthwick dropped her single “Iron Lining.” In an Instagram post announcing the release, Borthwick spoke about what the song means to her.

“this song is a response to being told to ‘look on the bright side’ when something devastating happens, specifically a breakup. it’s usually impossible to feel like there might be a silver lining. this song was really hard to sing and i debated even working on it because i felt like i couldn’t really sound my best, but it has some of my favorite lyrics i’ve ever written so i decided to finish it. i hope you can listen and relate to the story in one way or another. thanks for listening :)”

Before that, in August, she released her debut album, Sharp Left. The eight-track debut album has a runtime of 30 minutes. It includes previously released singles, “Don’t Ghost Me,” “What Happens Now?,” “Bridge to Terabithia” and “Control Freak.”

In an Instagram post announcing the news of her debut album, Borthwick described it as having the sound of several different artists. She said, “it’s giving Jonas brothers + Rascal Flatts + Maren Morris with a touch of Green Day. If u know me, it makes sense.”

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