McKenzi Brooke: TikTok Phenomenon

McKenzi Brooke is an up-and-coming singer and a TikTok phenomenon. Read on to learn more about the young social media star.

She recently performed live in New York City during Wonderama TV’s Times Square takeover. Her amazing performance is available to watch on TikTok.

Who is McKenzi Brooke?

McKenzi Brooke is a TikTok star, but she also professionally sings, dances and acts. She commonly works alongside her brother, Reif.

In an interview with dreamr on YouTube, she explained her background. She began dancing around age 10, learning in classes then eventually learning on her own time. Music is a more recent profession, but it is her main dream. She discussed her challenges in life, including being diagnosed with Influenza A at the age of two. “…Between fifth and sixth grade….With that it usually attacks your muscles but this time it was way more than attacking my muscles…I was unable to walk… I remember it clear as day, I was studying for a test and my dad wasn’t home, he was on a fishing trip, I had a huge final the next day, I got a bloody nose. I was told after this incident (I was in a wheelchair for five months to a year on and off) I was told I was never gonna be able to dance again. Not even dance again, I was told I was never gonna walk again.”

Clearly, she is a tough kid, handling not just any haters, but any challenges life throws her way.

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In an interview with Famous Birthdays on YouTube, McKenzi gave the following advice: “For anyone wanting to become a social media creator, I would say don’t listen to the haters. That’s like the biggest thing I’d say. If you get any hate comments, don’t read them, don’t pay attention to them. It doesn’t really matter.”

In the same interview, she addressed the moment she first went viral. “My first video that ever went viral was when I was trying to recreate a sound that Cardi B made. And it’s very much cringe. But that was my first-ever viral video. It got like a 100K likes. It was my first-ever time getting 100 thousand likes.”

She was also asked if she sees social media as a long-term career path. In response, she said: “I want to do music as my career path. So no matter what I do, I have to continue with social media. But I do love it, so I’ll always continue with doing it.”

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