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mazie is A “menace” On Her Latest Track

Grace Christian – better known by her stage name, mazie – makes whimsical bedroom pop for the introverted-extrovert. Her lyrics may get dark, but mixed with her colorful, eccentric vibe, she creates something special. mazie began making a name for herself when her 2020 track “no friends” began to take off. It addresses a problem 20-somethings know all too well: loneliness. But fast forward two years and mazie is done being lonely. With her latest drop, she’s a self-declared “menace.”

mazie Is In Her “menace” Era

“menace” is heavily layered and laced with trippy distorted effects and acoustic guitar that sound like Beck’s “Loser” on an acid trip. It has just the right amount of maximalist pop energy while never crossing the line of being overstimulating. Mazie rides the beat with ease as she spits her casual self-affirmations.

But it seems like her message throughout the song is directed at one person in particular. “I’m a menace/ Everything I want, yeah, you know I’m gonna get it/ Whether it’s your fame or your cable knit sweater/ You might’ve done it first, but I know I do it better,” she sings in the chorus.

To get a full picture of mazie as an artist, you’ve gotta watch the video for “menace.” The trippy, psychedelia-inspired music video is indicative of her brand as an artist. Go to her Instagram and you’ll find post after post with colorful, brain-melting edits that straddle the border of dreamlike and nightmarish.

And if you love “menace” and trucker hats as much as I do, check out her latest merch drop. It doesn’t seem mazie has plans to tour at the moment. But if she announces a tour soon, I’d snag those tickets ASAP. Her artistic vision is so unique and refreshing. And combined with her slightly left-of-center pop sound, mazie is one to watch.

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