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Maude Latour Enjoys Life and Puts Her “Headphones” On

Rising pop artist Maude Latour released her latest single “Headphones,” following up on her Strangers Forever EP.

“Headphones” Starts Where The Strangers Forever EP Ends

Maude may still be fairly new to the music industry (she just released her debut EP, Starsick, in 2019!) But she is already making waves with her music. Last year, she shared her sophomore EP Strangers Forever, which included the viral single “One More Weekend.” The song has already amassed over 21 million streams on Spotify alone! And the numbers keep on growing.

Well, Maude is back with her first single of the year and the first one since her last EP. “Headphones” is the perfect follow-up, as in the song, she talks about going through a painful breakup but knowing that things will get better in the end.

“‘Headphones’ starts exactly after where the Strangers Forever EP left us,” Maude says. “Heartbroken and experiencing loss, but slowly finding strength, as we say goodbye to a person of our past. ‘Headphones’ is an opening of a new world; it is the first ray of light as the storm begins to end. I was lying on a hardwood floor, realizing I was truly alone in my head, no more romantic partner to lean on when I first heard a voice in my head. It was my own. I wanted to learn to love myself, I wanted to grow within. ‘Headphones’ is that terrifying leap into our future, and into our deeper selves.”

Maude Made an Iconic Music Video

The accompanying music video features Maude living in a world made out of fantasy, where she becomes as big as a giant and as small as a bug. “It was an absolute dream created out of total imagination,” Maude shared to Rolling Stone. As I was writing the song, all I could see was walking through a field of grass, except I was as small as an ant. We made it happen. This song is about all of those wildest dreams coming to life.”

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