Marian Hill Shares Playful New Single “omg”

Alt-pop duo Marian Hill are back with a brand new single. “Omg” arrives as the follow-up to “oOo that’s my type,” released in June.

Marian Hill Get Playful in “omg”

The duo conformed by production artist Jeremy Lloyd and vocalist Samantha Gongol have been around since 2015 when they premiered their debut EP Sway. The EP gave us hits such as “One Time” and “Got It,” both actually surpassing 50 million streams on Spotify.

“Omg” is Marian Hill’s second single of the year. It follows up to “oOo that’s my type,” featuring singer and rapper Yung Baby Tate. The duo are known for their innovative alt-electronic music, and they are quickly gaining more popularity. The single takes us back to the duo’s jazzier sound. With playful lyrics to give the song the Marian Hill’s stamp, “omg” is a song to play when you want to sing along in the shower or have fun with a loved one. 

Vocalist Samantha Gorgol is the star of the show in the accompanying music video. Singing about wanting to have a fun night with her significant other, she dances along to the song while having a party of one at her place. “A private show, when you see me you’ll say “oh my God.” I’m head to toe, all in feathers singing, oh la la. I know you know, you’d get anything you wish, ta-da. But I’m alone, singing softly to my fish, haha,” the song starts.

“‘Omg’ is the first song we’ve ever written that makes us laugh,” the duo shared. “We discovered such a fun zany stir-crazy energy with it and had so much fun taking the usual sexy Marian Hill vibe to its comedic extreme. As soon as we wrote the song we saw the whole video – the lyrics are basically a script for it.”

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