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Lil Nas X Blowing Up The Music Industry With New Single

This past Friday, the viral and always controversial Lil Nas X dropped another huge single ahead of his debut album. “Industry Baby” is the latest release by the trending rapper and is proving Lil Nas has the formula for hits.

Lil Nas X Old Town Road record


The single starts with a sea of trumpets over a college drumline beat. Right away the song has the sound to be an absolute summer anthem. Kanye West and Take A Daytrip lead the production of the song features bars from Nas and a special guest.

That special guest is Jack Harlow and he goes off on this feature. Both him and Lil Nas X went all out with flow and lyrics and the surprise collaboration mixes very well. It is also great to hear Lil Nas X rap for real on the track too, the musician has been on a kick of Pop with his previous singles, but this time around he’s going back to the roots.

The track embraces hip-hop and trap like Lil Nas has never done before, and you can tell he knows this single is different from the rest.

Lil Nas X May Be An Industry Genius

Since dropping the hit of “Old Town Road” Lil Nas has been blazing a trail of hits proving he’s not a one-hit-wonder. Before the hype around this new song came Lil Nas had a few singles that popped off in 2021. At the beginning of March, he got the internet hyped up when “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” was released. 

The single got a lot of criticism for the music video and meaning behind the song. However, free press is good press and X took that opportunity to make his name even larger. Now, the music video still has memes coming from it and Nas even got threatened by Nike with a lawsuit.

After that, Nas toned things down a little with “Sun Goes Down” in May. The single didn’t get as much traction as his others, but Nas got a chance to perform the song live on SNL’s last episode of the season.

Since then it’s just been a frenzy of Nas marketing his upcoming debut album MONTERO. The album does not have a release date, however, Lil Nas X says it will drop at the end of Summer.

In the meantime listen to this new bop he has for us and let us know what you think about the very interesting music video.

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