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MAMAMOO+ Release Single ‘Save Me’ Along with EP “TWO RABBITS”

Kpop girl group MAMAMOO+ has recently released their B-side track, “Save Me,” as part of their first EP, TWO RABBITS.

MAMAMOO+ Create Ballad “Save Me”

On August 3rd, MAMAMOO+ released their first EP, TWO RABBITS. This EP features five tracks, one of which is their single “Save Me,” which first dropped in mid-July.

MAMAMOO+ is a sub-unit of the Kpop girl group MAMAMOO, which debuted in 2014. This sub-unit is made of half of the four-member group: Solar and Moonbyul. Affectionately known by fans as MoonSun, the duo has made and released music together since August of last year. Their debut song as a sub-unit, “Better,” featured South Korean rapper BIG Naughty.

A few weeks ago, the girls dropped the single “Save Me” in anticipation of their brand-new EP. The song is a meditative, despondent ballad about loneliness and the hopelessness that comes with that. The music video reflects those emotions, as the two are seen looking out separate windows on a rainy day.

Shortly after the release of “Save Me,” MAMAMOO+ dropped a live, acoustic version of the song. Their live vocals are as impressive as ever, a fact MAMAMOO fans are already aware of.


Aside from “Save Me,” the EP TWO RABBITS includes four other tracks, including the EP’s title track, “dangdang.” The EP and its songs have already seen big successes so far.

According to E. Cha at Soompi, only a day after the EP’s release, it was No. 1 on the iTunes Top Albums charts in at least 12 different regions. Additionally, “dangdang” made it to No. 1 on the iTunes Top Songs charts in at least eight different regions.

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