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Maluma Releases “Cositas de la USA”

Colombian reggaeton star Maluma released his latest single “Cositas de la USA. ” This is his first solo offering since “Sobrio.”

Maluma Shows His Bachelor Side on “Cositas de la USA”

“Cositas de la USA,” which translates to “things from the USA,” talks about exactly that. In Latin American countries, many people come to the US to buy items. These are brand name clothing and electronic devices that would be too expensive back home.

Director Harold Jiménez and producer Veronica Vélez from 36 Grados directed the music video in Medellín. In the video, Maluma talks to his partner after he’s back from a trip to the US.  There’s a scene in which he’s giving her all the gifts happily bought for her.

“Cositas de la USA” was produced by The Rude Boyz (Kevin ADG and Chan El Genio) and written by Maluma with Edgar Barrera, Andres Uribe, René Cano, Kevin Mauricio Jiménez, Bryan Snaider Lezcano and Justin Quiles.

He’s The New Face of Versace’s Fashion Campaign

Maluma’s new music video features a series of colorful, fashion-forward looks worn by the singer. Recently, Versace announced that Maluma would be the face of their new advertising campaign. There’s even a special feature for his dog Buda, for the Spring-Summer 2022 collection. The star called this new honor a “dream come true.”

“Fashion is one of my biggest passions outside of music and being part of Donatella’s vision, and the Versace family is an honor. Together, we have created memorable moments with custom performance and red carpet looks, magazine covers, and the amazing Met Gala 2021 design. With this campaign, we are creating more memories as a fashion family together,” Maluma said in a statement.

It’s safe to say that the catchy song will be one of the most anticipated at his Medallo en el Mapa concert. The show will be held in his hometown of Medellín. It will take place at the Atanasio Girardot soccer stadium on April 30. For tickets and more information, click here.

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