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Majid Jordan Are Back With “Waves of Blue”

R&B duo Majid Jordan are finally back with new music. Their new song, “Waves of Blue,” came out as the lead single off their forthcoming album.

“Waves of Blue” Starts a New Chapter For Majid Jordan

The last time we heard from Majid Jordan was back in 2019 with their single “Superstar,” as well as “Caught Up,” where they collaborated with Khalid. After over a year-long hiatus, the duo has finally returned – and not only with a new single, but with a new album, as well.

Although there aren’t many details about it yet, the duo has hinted that the album might come out sometime this year. “‘Waves of Blue’ is like staring at the ocean. You’re not in the water, but you’re still getting carried away by its currents. It’s the story of someone’s desire to love and be lost in that love. Waves of Blue was made at the very beginning of this album, and it only makes sense that we begin our next chapter with this song,” they explained in a label press release.

Before the big release of this new single, the duo took over to Instagram to announce their comeback. In a video message, they shared, “Hey, everyone. It’s been a while. We miss you. We spent time listening, feeling, learning, and we’re ready to share our experiences with you. The story begins with our new song ‘Waves Of Blue.’ It’s the song that takes us to the place that we all want to be: our wildest dreams. We’re working on finishing our next album, so stay tuned, and we’ll see you soon.”

An Eye-Catching Visualizer

The new album will be Majid Jordan’s first full-length project since 2017’s The Space Between. “Waves of Blue” also offers a slight change of sound for the duo. Alongside their well-known R&B sound, they added a few touches of dance-pop, making this a danceable, but still relaxing, track. 

“Waves of Blue” came out accompanied by an official visualizer. In the video, Majid is front-and-center and Jordan sits at an elegant white piano. They sing along to the song while traveling through different colorful spaces: the ocean, waterfalls with a full moon behind them, a garden with neon pink leaf trees, and even outer space. 

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