Maisie Peters Shares Passionate New Single “Volcano”

Rising pop artist Maisie Peters shared “Volcano,” the final track to be released prior to the premiere of her debut album You Signed Up For This.

From “Psycho” to “Volcano”

Just last month, Maisie shared her single “Psycho,” one of the three tracks on the album co-written by Ed Sheeran. It will form part of You Signed Up For This as well. Throughout these songs, she is showing how distinct her vocals are as well as her lyrical expertise.

“Volcano” is a passionate yet heartbreaking song where Maisie showcases how someone she used to have a relationship with didn’t want the same things as her. “All or nothing, you chose nothing. Pulled a parachute as the ground came rushing. You got away with it, with it, with it. Yeah, all or nothing, you felt nothing,” she sings in the chorus.

Maisie Sings About Resentment

Through the single’s announcement on Maisie’s Instagram account, she shared more details about the songwriting process for the song. “Volcano,’ out tomorrow at midnight. Surprise. It’s the last one you’ll hear from the album before the whole thing is out on the 27th. It’s also one of my favorites. The whole song is about a quiet seething burning rage that u push down, resentment and bitterness, and confusion for how some people never seem to face the consequences of their actions, how they just get away with it, and how impossible it can feel to get over that. This song is so important to me and has been one that I’ve held so close to me since I made it last August, so I can’t wait for u to hear it.”

Since her music career debuted in 2017,  Maisie’s songs have amassed half a billion streams worldwide, garnering the attention of Taylor Swift for her cover of “Betty”. Also, even a spot on Niall Horan’s Nice to Meet Ya world tour – before it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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