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Maisie Peters Drops “Psycho” Co-Written by Ed Sheeran

Breakout artist Maisie Peters recently announced her debut album You Signed Up For This will be arriving soon. She dropped her single “Psycho,” co-written by Ed Sheeran, to celebrate the news.

“Psycho” is About a Toxic Relationship

You Signed Up For This is landing on August 27, so we don’t have much of a wait left! “Psycho” marks Maisie’s second single that has been released off of the LP, following up to “John Hughes Movie,” released in February.

“Psycho” is an instantly catchy song about being in a toxic relationship. Maisie sings about having a boyfriend who cheats on her and treats her unfairly, and when she’s ready to move on, he keeps calling her. “Now that I’m over that hill. You wanna say how you feel. Crazy to think that you still call me psycho. You wanna talk? Not ideal. Heard I moved on? Babe, that’s real. And you’ve got a girl, but you still call me psycho,” she expresses in the chorus.

She explains about the song, “‘Psycho’ tells a dramatic story of someone whose lies catch up to them, and who seem to feel very little when they hurt other people. I think this is something near enough everyone in the world can relate to, myself included.”

Maisie Can’t Believe She Works With Ed Sheeran Now

“Psycho” and the forthcoming album are being released through Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Man Records. “She’s a very special artist who continues to push her storytelling in new directions,” says Sheeran. “We had a few great writing sessions together and from there I knew I had to work with her.”

Meanwhile, Maisie expressed her disbelief at the fact that she has gotten to work with Ed. “I’ve loved him since his first album,” she says. “I mean, who were you if you didn’t try and learn I See Fire on the guitar? It’s weird because we’re friends now, but sometimes I’m still like, ‘Oh wow, that’s Ed Sheeran.'”

Listen to “Psycho” out now and be on the lookout for Maisie’s debut album on August 27!

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