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Maggie Lindemann releases self sabotage

Maggie Lindemann released her new single, self sabotage. Emotional, touching and personal, the single is the fourth extract from the singer’s upcoming album.
Ph: Jaxon Whittington

self sabotage

After releasing her latest single, you’re not special, Maggie Lindemann dropped her self sabotage.

The song, that came out on August 12, only few weeks after the latest, will be part of the singer’s upcoming album. In fact, as Lindemann recently announced, she is about to release her debut “Suckerpunch.” The album will come out on September 16 and will feature other previously released singles. These are you’re not special, break me! and how could you do this to me?

maggie lindemann
Ph: Jaxon Whittington

The singer described her single:

“The song is about not allowing yourself to receive the love that you deserve. I crave a little bit of action in my life and when things are going too good, I tend to do something to test the pliancy of the positiveness.” 


Lindemann described her album as  “the journey from being upset to being angry to being hopeful.” This song mainly focus on the emotions of anger and disappointment, also describing the singer’s sense of guilt when looking at and back what she’s losing for her “self sabotage.”

The artist portrays herself with vulnerability and deep self-awareness. In fact, on the dark tones, the lyrics describes the artist uncontrollable incapability of keeping something important to her. The reason behind this /self-fulfillin’ prophecy/ is what she calls “self sabotage.” Describing her painful limit in the song, Lindemann says:

I’m stuck in my ways, I can’t win my own game
If it’s meant to be, then I’ll throw it away


Then I break you into pieces so I don’t get attached

The artist then describes the feeling of guilt of not being able to maintain something that is and might be good, saying that she then is /drownin’ in blame/.

I’m hard to love, this girl is a gun
I’m killin’ ’em softly, one by one
So fill up your lungs, yeah, you better run, oh

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