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Mad Tsai “Stacy’s Brother” Out Now

Mad Tsai’s “Stacy’s Brother” Out Now

Mad Tsai
Mad Tsai

Stacy’s brother has got it going on!

Pop singer Mad Tsai has released a queerified version of the 2003 “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne. In contrast, this anthem focuses on Stacy’s brother. “I’ve been hanging out with Stacy/ Everybody thinks we’re dating / ‘Cause I spend my weekends hanging at her house” he sings in this queer bop.

Singing for the girls, gays, and theys, Mad Tsai is mostly known for his songs “Killer Queen” and “Boy Bi.” He is currently 21 years old and started on TikTok. He became popular for his original songs and covers to existing songs, such as his original “That Friend” which has 3.5M views. Currently, the singer has 3.3M followers and 68.1M likes on the platform.

Finding His Voice

Mad Tsai
From The ‘That Friend’ Lyric Video (Youtube)

Mad Tsai has been writing songs since high school, mostly for fun. He found sanction in writing music about his emotions that he’s unable to express verbally. Now, he is a student at UCLA and balancing his personal life with his newfound fame.

Initially, he didn’t think the hobby would get him anywhere, until it did. He was posting his songs for fun online, but received attention when he posted his original “Young Nights,” a song that he wrote on the last week of high school.

He expressed in an interview for Rice and Spice Magazine,“It was a song that I wrote about my high school regrets and not having enjoyed any parts of my high school experience in my youth. And people really resonated with that. That’s when I stopped myself, and I had to have the conversation with myself where I was like, ‘Woah, this might actually be something that I could pursue.'”

Mad Tsai
Photo by Michelle Zaic

How Mad Tsai Created “Boy Bi”

In June, Tsai wrote his song “Boy Bi,” which became one of his most popular songs. The upbeat, ukulele led tune expresses the frustrations and confusion of sexuality. In the first verse he starts bluntly, singing “When my friends ask me ’bout my sexuality / I choke up and joke that the answer’s not easy / Like I’m watching a Disney movie and teh couple gets it on / But who should I look at, is it Shang or Mulan?”

Mad Tsai wrote the song because he became frustrated with himself. In his interview, he reveals “I didn’t fully know how to express the confusion that I was feeling with something like sexuality, which isn’t necessarily discussed in pop music.”

In fact, he got inspiration from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’s “Pure Imagination.” The chords were “happy, but also sad at the same time”, according to him. Tsa wrote the song in five minutes, uploaded a video on YouTube, and went to sleep. By the time Tsai woke up he remarkably had 100,000 likes. Watch the official music video for the song here:

“I Hooked Up With Stacy’s Brother”

Mad’s “Stacy’s Brother” music video has already surpassed 1.9 million views in 11 days, and more to come. The young artist recruited social media personalities Olivia Mayo and Sam Vicchiollo to play Stacy and her brother for the video. He’s also teased a debut album on Instagram, saying “I wanted to begin the new era for my new project with something big, and ‘Stacy’s Brother’ was the perfect song to kick it off with.”

You can watch the “Stacy’s Brother” music video by Mad Tsai here:

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