Mackenzie Porter Drops Rebellious Single”Chasing Tornadoes”

Canadian country singer Mackenzie Porter just dropped a smokin’-hot new single: “Chasing Tornadoes.” This rebellious new chart highlights Porter’s incredible storytelling and lyrical abilities—so let’s check out this chart and Mackenzie Porter together! 

Musician, Artist, Actress

A prolific artist, Mackenzie Porter had an upbringing in violin, piano, and singing since she was four. After performing for numerous classical symphonies, she began touring with her family band before branching out to do her own career, returning to her country roots in 2010.

Porter released her debut single “I Wish I’d Known” in 2012, and since then she has released over 10 more singles, an EP, and a studio album. She’s won the Nashville North Star Competition and her music has repeatedly hit #1 on the Canadian Country charts. Most recently, she’s been honored at the 58th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards.

In addition to be a decorated musician, Porter is also a renowned actress. Most famously, she was a lead in the hit post-apocalyptic show “Travelers,” and she has won numerous accolades such as the 2010 “Best Actress Award” at the Rosies, and one of the “Top 11 Talents to Watch” in British Columbia by BC Living.

Wild Love

mackenzie porter chasing tornados

“Chasing Tornadoes” is an upbeat country classic—steady-paced drums, classic fender guitar, and a catchy rhythm. What really ties the song together, however, is Porter’s vocal energy. She isn’t afraid to utilize her entire vocal range, creating an infectious hook as she sings about fast cars and spontaneous love:

“You’re a Mustang runaway, two-lane drifter / 

I must have a thing for twisters / 

Hot as Arizona, cold as Colorado /

Tryna catch that feeling like lightnin’ in a bottle / 

I’m gonna go where the wild wind blows / 

Tearin’ up the road, chasin’ tornadoes”

Here’s a new music video to accompany this banger of a song! 

Overall, Mackenzie Porter’s “Chasing Tornados” is a country track you definitely should not be sleeping on! Click here to check out her future projects! 

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