Ashe & FINNEAS’ Beautiful Ballad ‘Till Forever Falls Apart’

Ashe & Finneas have teamed up in ‘Till Forever Falls Apart.’ The beautiful ballad talks about loving someone through every obstacle, forever.

‘Till Forever Falls Apart’ is a Ballad for Friends

Throughout the song, Ashe and FINNEAS use metaphors about the end of the world to paint this picture that their love won’t break “Till Forever Falls Apart.” Although most contemporary pop songs refer to love in a romantic context, this song could be viewed from a platonic-friendship perspective. After all, the pair are great friends.

Sonically, the song has a vintage feel, with heavy drums and guitar throughout. In a live stream counting down the music video’s premiere, Ashe stated that she was inspired by the iconic 1930s dance duo, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers when creating the music video.

FINNEAS and Ashe have previously worked together, most notably on the viral hit ‘Moral of the Story,’ which took off after its use in the soundtrack for the Netflix Original movie To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.

Ashe & FINNEAS Talk About the Song

In a post on Instagram, FINNEAS stated, “Ashe and I have known each other for nearly four years now and it has been such an incredibly fulfilling experience to watch her receive the recognition she is so incredibly deserving of. This song to me is a love letter to friendship and I think songs like this one are important. Friends are important. Ashe is important. Hope you love it as much as I do. Written by Ashe, Leroy Clampitt, and me, produced by Leroy with a little help from me, mixed by Manny Marroquin, mastered by John Greenham, music video directed by Samuel Bennet, choreography by Monika Felice Smith.”

On the other hand, Ashe revealed in a statement for Apple Music’s New Music Daily playlist, “It does feel timely considering everything about 2020 and the start to this year. It shows off our songwriting styles really nicely and the friendship we’ve cultivated over the last four years. I remember thinking while sitting on the floor writing this song that it was for FINNEAS and I, no doubt. I also remember thinking quarantine was only going to last a few weeks.”

The pair also performed ‘Till Forever Falls Apart’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where we got to see how great of a connection they really have. While walking around an abandoned building hundreds of stories up,  each of them sings their respective parts of the song separately until they meet at the end. Then, they perform the chorus together alongside a full band. Go watch it down below!

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