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Louis Tomlinson Could Release a New Album This Year

Singer-songwriter Louis Tomlinson has been working on new music, and he could release his second studio album before the end of the year.

Louis Has Been Working Behind-The-Scenes

The former One Direction member is currently hitting the road North America on his world tour; which kicked off on February 1 in Dallas, TX; and will come to an end on March 12 in Los Angeles, CA. 

But rumor has it that Louis hasn’t only been working on his tour, though. Sources say that he has been working on the follow-up to his debut solo album Walls, which came out in 2020. It’s reported that Louis is hoping to release new music for fans in the coming months; but he doesn’t want to rush things.

A music insider told The Sun newspaper, “Louis has been working really hard and the music sounds great. So far, about half to three-quarters of the album is done. Hopefully, it will be out by the end of the year, but Louis is keen not to rush things for the sake of it. Fans will genuinely love what he’s come up with. It’s his best work yet.”

He Wants to Make Sure The New Album Feels Like Himself

Louis previously admitted that some songs on his first album felt more like him than others, so he doesn’t want to make the same mistake for his next album. “I’m very, very excited,” he said. “I had basically penciled down a plan before corona took over our lives. And now it’s kind of given me a little bit of time to really get into what I want to say and what I want things to sound like.”

He continued, “Because, you know, I was really proud of my first record, but there were moments that I felt were truer to me than others. I think that there were some songs where I took slightly more risk and owned what I love, saying, ‘This is who I want to be.’ So I want to take a leaf out of their book.”

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